martes, 21 de agosto de 2007

Day 1: the snail hunter…..

Fist step: wait for a rainy day (this can take some time in Spain).

Second step: jump into the forest with a plastic bag and prepare yourself for the hunting….

Third step: we aware of those tiny mollusc, collect as many as you can eat and put them in the bag (be careful because as soon as you put them in the bag they start a risky runaway and if you don’t keep the bag firmly closed you can end up with all your hand covered withslavering snails!) .

In the area were I live you usually find “caragolins” much smaller and softer than the common ones the European brown snail (Helix aspersa).

Four step: when you have enough (snails loos a lot of water when they are cocked, what in the forest looks alike a big amount of snails can become a tiny dish in your table) take you bag and go home!

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